About Us

The company was found in 1983 and has since become a renowned in the Handmade Carpet Industry, worldwide. From its present Bonded warehouse we have vast display of all kinds of Carpets & Rugs from all over the Handmade Carpet Producing countries like INDIA, PAKISTAN, AFGHAN, ROMANIA, TURKEY, NEPAL, KASHMIR, CHINA, IRAN.

You will find a comprehensive range of Silk, Wool, Art-Silk, Cotton and Jute products in various designs and colors. Each country’s product would represent its own ethnic designs and colours.

Being the worldwide shipper, we have our own in-house Shipping Department, who makes sure that the most competitive rates, either by air or by sea, are provided for the customer.

Being in business for the last 2 decades and with vast amount of experience worldwide, our Service is second to none and we take pride in providing the excellent service to our customer with dedication.

As seeing is believing we would like to invite you to visit our Showroom and experience for yourself.



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