Handmade Carpets

Rich Indian CarpetWe bring handmade carpets from almost every producing country in the world. These carpets not only give the richness in any house but also increases the value as and when it becomes old and even antiques

handmade carpets now a days come in any size from 0.30 x 0.30 mts to 5.00 x 4.00 mts and in any shape, mostly in rectangular, square, round, oblong, half-moon  and are made with any mixture of textures like wool, silk, art-silk, cotton , jute and even in leather

even they can be made to special sizes and shapes, as per the requirement of an individual

Rich Indian Carpetit is impossible to show the full range of these carpets but we can only show here a few examples of producing countries.

Main producing countries are Iran, India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Romania, Nepal, Kashmir, Afghanistan





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